About Integrated Medical Professionals, PLLC

Integrated Medical Professionals, PLLC (“IMP”) is a multi-specialty physician group operating in the greater New York Metropolitan area. IMP’s model is to forward integrate surgical specialists at the point of patient contact with physicians that provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to those patients. IMP’s vision is to provide our patients with the highest level of care available, as measured by both clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.


The core philosophy of IMP is to enhance the quality and efficiency of medical care. This is summarized in our mission statement:



“To be the preferred provider of the highest quality level of care to our patients by developing and maintaining a structure that provides physicians with the technological and management tools necessary to optimize their care of patients in an efficient and cost effective manner while being acknowledged by our patients, employees, and partners as a high-value, high-integrity company.”



This allows physicians to spend more time with their patients by removing the day to day business decisions from the medical office and into the business office. Thus, the doctors are able to focus on their patients and medical decision making, rather than the day to day worries of running an office. The physicians are equipped with patient information that has been efficiently captured and collated, using technological interfaces that are out of the reach of smaller groups. This allows the billing, collection, and supply chain management activity to be performed at the corporate office by the business team while the medical care is delivered by the physicians and their staff at the divisional level.


There are two significant differences between IMP and other models that have attempted to separate physicians from the business side of medicine. The first is that the physicians are partners in the group, not employees. As such, they retain the pride of ownership that they felt with their prior practices and continue to strive for practice and professional growth. The second is that the forward integration model allows for the physicians to have the ability to acquire the highest level of technology for their patients. This enables enhanced communications between physicians of different disciplines as well as the implementation of disease specific (rather than specialty specific) quality and utilization review procedures.


IMP was initially formed by thirty-one physicians from thirteen different practices who began seeing patients as part of the new entity on July 17, 2006. IMP has grown to 100 physicians seeing patients at nearly 50 sites in the New York metro area. Soon every person in IMP’s catchment area will be within 8 miles of an IMP facility. IMP has been recognized as one of the premier groups of its type, and has been used as a model for other group practices. It is our fundamental belief that this model of practice integration represents the future of clinical medicine, and our physicians, staff and support team are committed to the pursuit of excellence.

IMP’s Management Team:


Deepak A. Kapoor, MD

Chairman and CEO


W. Price Dunaway

Chief Operating Officer


Kathleen L. Latino, MD, FACS

Medical Director


Shawn H. Zimberg, MD

Director of Radiation Oncology Services


Ann E. Anderson, MD

Director of Pathology


Karen Hohlman

Director of Operations


Randi Pincus

Director of Marketing


Eric Allen

Director of Information Technology Chief Security Office

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