We understand how stressful a planned procedure may be and are always seeking ways to maximize your comfort. Your well- being is our priority.

Discover the revolutionary solution for a relaxed experience during medical procedures without compromising your comfort or peace of mind. Pro-Nox™ is a state-of-the-art approach to analgesia, meticulously formulated to ensure safety, efficacy, and unparalleled patient satisfaction.

What is Pro-Nox™?

At AUCNY, we understand the importance of a stress-free experience without the drawbacks of
sedation. Pro-Nox™ is a proven, safe method that provides optimal comfort while allowing patients
to remain fully conscious and engaged throughout their procedures. Pro-Nox™ is designed to induce a state of relaxation, allowing you to undergo your procedure with confidence and ease.

How does it work?

Pro-Nox™ is inhaled through interchangeable breathing circuits, where you have the power to regulate your medication dosage, enabling you to choose the amount that best suits your comfort.

Is Pro-Nox™ safe?

Yes! Unlike traditional anesthesia methods, Pro-Nox™ does not induce complete sedation or render patients unconscious. Instead, its analgesic properties offer temporary state of comfort while ensuring patients remain conscious, maintaining their sensory perception and mobility throughout the procedure. Unlike general anesthesia, you will have the ability to drive yourself home after the procedure.

How Will Pro-Nox™ Make Me Feel?

Some patients have described the sensation as feeling notably at ease and relaxed. Overall, Pro-Nox™ delivers an anti- anxiety effect, ensuring a comfortable and reassuring experience.

What is the cost?

Medical insurance providers do not cover the cost of Pro-Nox™. For the nominal cost of $125, you can undergo your procedure safely with minimal discomfort. You can expect a state-of-the-art solution that delivers exceptional results without the unwanted side effects.

Whether you’re undergoing a minor medical intervention or a more complex procedure, Pro-Nox™ is your trusted solution. Take control of your comfort today with Pro-Nox™.

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