Initiation of a Phase 2 Clinical Study of Bremelanotide Co-Administered with a PDE5i for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) study

ED has become more prominent over the last several decades, especially in younger adults, and represents a mounting health concern causing a significant effect on men’s quality of life,” said Jed Kaminetsky, MD, FACS, Urologist, Director of Research, Integrated Medical Professionals, a Division of Solaris Health, and the clinical study lead investigator. “Many patients in my practice are seeking better results from their ED treatment. Read about the Initiation of a Phase 2 Clinical Study of Bremelanotide Co-Administered with a PDE5i for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) study.

Expert, Compassionate Care at Advanced Urology Centers of New York (AUCNY) is the Way They Practice, Not Just an Advertising Slogan

Lake Success, NY – Advanced Urology Centers of New York (AUCNY), a division of Integrated Medical Professionals, and an affiliate of Solaris Health is proud to announce the recognitions received for both their clinical excellence and the patient experience provided.

Castle Connolly Top Doctors, named AUCNY as the#1 Urology Practice in the nation.  The selection is made based on nominations by health care professionals and determined by a rigorous verification process. You cannot ask to be chosen, nor can you purchase your way onto the list. The Castle Connolly roster includes doctors who are best-in-class healthcare professionals, who exemplify clinical care excellence and who have the skills to build patient relationships.

AUCNY’s commitment to compassionate patient care has been verified by the 15.6K patient reviews received in less than a year. Rater8, a leading reputation management company has ranked AUCNY as the “Highest Rated in Overall Practice Excellence” (with 20+ doctors) for providing outstanding patient experiences.

“I am extremely proud that in addition to the recognition by Castle Connolly, Advanced Urology Centers of New has earned the rater8 “Practice Excellence Award for “Highest Rated in Overall Practice Excellence,” the large group category for “going above and beyond in creating the best patient experience possible,” says Deepak A. Kapoor, MD, Market President of Integrated Medical Professionals, headquartered in Lake Success, New York.

For questions or an appointment, visit the AUCNY website at

About Advanced Urology Centers of New York: Advanced Urology Centers of New York (AUCNY), a division of Integrated Medical Professionals (IMP), has been recognized as the #1 Urology Practice in the nation for clinical excellence and for Patient Excellence.

AUCNY has 35+ locations in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx, Westchester, and Rockland County. Their caregivers are committed to patient satisfaction, and strive to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized urological care using state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based practices.

To learn more about Advanced Urology Centers of New York, visit

How leveraging the power of in-house hereditary cancer testing improves patient outcomes with a competitive edge

As healthcare providers hone their strategies for strengthening access to care, improving health outcomes, and satisfying patients, innovative cancer testing and personalized medicine are increasingly at the forefront. Solaris Health, a national healthcare platform, is one such organization that is helping to advance those aims.

Becker’s Hospital Review recently spoke with two clinical leaders at Solaris Health about their decision to bring hereditary cancer testing in-house for its affiliates:

  • Deepak Kapoor, MD, Solaris Health chair, chief ecosystem officer and president of Integrated Medical Professionals (IMP), Solaris’ New York Metro Market affiliate; and
  • Kathleen Latino, MD, Solaris Health chief medical officer and IMP’s medical director.

Read the article here.

Integrated Medical Professionals Named Highest Rated Practice Overall

We are pleased to announce that Integrated Medical Professionals is the proud recipient of the 2023 rater8 Practice Excellence Award for Highest Rated Practice Overall!

Rater8’s annual awards recognize practices and providers who demonstrated outstanding commitment to delivering unparalleled patient experiences. Recognition is based on the internal ratings collected via rater8 surveys, which saw 5.7 million questions answered in 2023.

We thank rater8 for this recognition, and will continue to dedicate ourselves to the highest possible standard for patient experience and practice improvement! Please join us in celebrating this achievement, and visit rater8’s blog to check out the official announcement:

Deepak A. Kapoor, MD Provides Testimony on Importance of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Press Release: Advanced Radiation Centers of New York Pioneers the First Commercial U.S. Implantation of a Biodegradable Balloon Spacer that Will Revolutionize Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Physicians at medical practices affiliated with Solaris Health, the nation’s leading healthcare management company in the urological field, are the first throughout the country to provide a new technology that substantially enhances safety for patients undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

View the full Press Release.

Dr. Girardi on the role of urologists in women’s sexual health issues

In this video, Sarah K. Girardi, MD, FACS, discusses what she hopes attendees take away from the 2023 LUGPA Annual Meeting session, “Building a successful female sexual health program/SPA,” as well as the role of urologists in addressing unmet needs related to women’s sexual health issues. Girardi is a urologist at Advanced Urology Centers of New York in Manhasset, New York.

Watch the video here. 

77WABC Podcast with Special Guest Dr. Shawn Zimberg

77WABC Remembers Bernard McGuirk One Year Later Presented By Advanced Radiation Centers of New York: Special Guest Dr. Shawn Zimberg

Listen to the podcast here.

Dr. Sarah Girardi Chosen 2023 LIBN Healthcare Influencer

Sarah K. Girardi received her medical degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her postgraduate training was completed at The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center, where she was the ­ first woman to graduate from the urology residency program. Girardi was also the ­first woman to complete a fellowship in male infertility and microsurgery at The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center, where she received a broad exposure to reproductive endocrinology. She is the former Chief Division of Infertility and Female Urology, North Shore University Hospital, and an attending urologist at St. Francis Hospital, Roslyn.

In August 2023, Dr. Girardi was chosen by Long Island Business News (LIBN) as a Healthcare Influencer. Read the article on page 14 of LIBN.

AUCNY’s Dr. Jed Kaminetsky commented about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s testosterone replacement therapy on “Inside Edition.”

AUCNY and ARC Physicians Chosen as Castle Connolly Top Doctors

Newsday released their annual Castle Connolly LI Top Doctors’ magazine issue which lists the 1,000+ Long Island top physicians.

See Newsday magazine’s July 2023 issue, and the AUCNY and ARC doctors on page 9 of the special advertising feature.

Deepak A. Kapoor M.D. discusses Private Equity and Urology Practices on The Modern Urologist

Advanced Radiation Centers of New York Provides Special Safety Measures

If you visited an Advanced Radiation Centers of New York (ARC) facility since the onset of the pandemic, you have experienced the special care taken to keep patients and staff safe. ARC’s TV spot acknowledged the changes and assured patients that all precautionary safety measures are in place in the updated 2021 TV spot. View the spot by clicking on this link.

Transition from Independent Practice to PPM

Deepak A. Kapoor, MD (Integrated Medical Professionals) and Gary Kirsh, MD (The Urology Group) discuss the transition from independent practice to physician practice management companies (PPM). Click here to listen to their insights and strategies for a successful partnership.

The Changing Landscape of Urologic Practice An Issue of Urologic Clinics, 1st Edition

A state-of-the-art book devoted to the future of the urologist’s clinical practice has been created by Deepak A. Kapoor, MD. Expert authors contributed clinical review articles on many issues impacting urology practices. To get information regarding this book, click here.

Embracing Change in Urologic Practice: Both Without and Within 

Urologic Clinics, a prestigious publication has devoted an entire issue to the socioeconomics of health care. To read more about it, click here.

Development of Physician Leaders

A study about the complexity of health care today along with the drive towards value-based care was released in Urologic Clinics North America.  It shows the correlation between physician led organizations and improved physician engagement, quality of care and cost efficiency. To review the abstract, click here.

Private Equity and Urology: an Emerging Model for Independent Practice

Independent urology practices are under increasing competitive pressure in a changing marketplace. By providing access to capital and business management

expertise, private equity can help practices consolidate and scale to unlock new growth opportunities, navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment,

and institute best practice across a network, while retaining physician ownership. To read about the role of private equity in urology, click here.

The Role of Advanced Practice Providers in Urology

The nation’s undersupply of urology services disproportionately affects Medicare beneficiaries compared to the general population. Advanced Practice Providers

(APPs), most commonly nurse practitioners and physician assistants may be a vehicle to meet this need.  Click here to read the abstract authored by Deepak A. Kapoor, MD.

Health Policy and Advocacy

Awareness of the activities of federal and state legislative and regulatory activities is vital for physicians to avoid having their services misvalued and to protect patients’ access to care. The political polarization of the country and the public health emergency have had an impact on the ability and willingness of some to engage in policy discussions. To read more, click here.

Current and Future Status of Merit-Based Incentive Payment Systems

The Quality Payment Program was established by the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) legislation in response to repeated efforts to create a permanent so-called doc fix in response to the failures of the sustainable growth formula. To read about the history leading up to MACRA, click here.

Providers warn controversial most-favored-nation rule could imperil their financial stability

The controversial interim final rule published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) sets up a mandatory payment model surrounding the prices for 50 drugs administered under Medicare Part B, which reimburses providers for drugs administered in a clinic or hospital such as chemotherapy or vaccines. The drug prices are based upon the costs paid by foreign countries. The administration is pushing the rule to lower Medicare drug spending.

“This difference could become greater as the program moves forward. Normally, a drug price doesn’t change too much from quarter to quarter,” said Deepak A. Kapoor, MD. “The quarter-to-quarter variation is going to make it impossible for anyone to … significantly stock this type of drug, which results in a lot of inconveniences to patients because it makes it hard to time their visit,” Kapoor continued. “100% of the burden on this rule is on the providers, which makes colossally no sense.”

Learn more about this controversial interim final rule, by clicking link here.

Addicted to Indebtedness: Steppingstone to Success or Millstone Around the Doctor’s Neck?

An article which was published in the Journal of American College of Surgeons addressed the issue of how the mounting school loan debt is impacting the choices medical students make in selecting their residency and career specialty. As an invited guest speaker at Urology Rounds, Deepak A. Kapoor, MD discussed how the economics are affecting medical residents. Read Dr. Kapoor’s comments in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons by clicking this link here.

Failing to Prepare Is Preparing to Fail

Drs. Latino and Kapoor discussed the importance of organizational preparedness so practices can be ready when the unexpected occurs. Forming a work group team to establish and implement safety and emergency protocols set the foundation for our company to safely continue patient care while protecting doctors and staff. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Read the editorial link here.

The Impact of Systematic Safety Precautions on COVID-19 Risk Exposure and Transmission Rates in Outpatient Healthcare Workers

Drs. Kapoor, Latino, Anderson, and colleagues evaluated the impact of safety protocols, including rapid testing and contact tracing, on coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) risk exposure and transmission rates amongst healthcare workers in the outpatient care setting. This study demonstrated the efficacy of initial safety protocols established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and identified other factors that may impact disease transmission in healthcare workers in the outpatient setting. Click on this link to read the study.

Prostate Cancer Care Rebounding After COVID-19 Disruption

Routine and nonessential healthcare services came to a nearly complete halt in many places throughout the United States as a result of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Hospitals and medical practices discontinued or substantially curtailed provision of all but the most necessary procedures. Fearing infection with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, many patients avoided contact with the healthcare system. Caseloads dropped precipitously across physician specialties.

Prior to the pandemic, urologists in the group performed around 1000 prostate biopsies a quarter, said urologist Deepak A. Kapoor, MD, the group’s chairman and chief executive officer. For a few months after the pandemic struck, the number of these biopsies plunged to only a few per week, he said. Dr. Kapoor provides additional insights about how the pandemic impacted urology practices. Read the story by using this article to learn more.

Today I Learned A Testicle Squeeze Can Kill A Man And Now I’m Afraid To Sit Down

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed yesterday afternoon, as I often do while trying to summon enough energy to get off the couch and crank out three or four pushups.

That’s when I spotted something that shook me to the core. No, it wasn’t another photo of Trump posing with a can of beans or anything like that. This was far worse.

It was a post suggesting that it was actually possible to die from squashed testicles. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been under any sort of illusion about this equipment we’re packing around being indestructible.

Dr. Deepak A. Kapoor, president of Advanced Urology Centers of New York, told Vice News much of the same a few years ago. “Heart attacks are the second-most common cause of death in the United States,” he said. “Heart attacks are often induced by stress, and there are probably not many things more stressful than having your testicles squeezed.”

Read the story by using this link.

Integrated Medical Professionals Granted Three Year Accreditation from AIUM Ultrasound Practice Accreditation Council

Integrated Medical Professionals has been granted a three-year renewal accreditation from the AIUM Ultrasound Practice Accreditation Council in Urology. The Ultrasound Practice Accreditation Council commended Integrated Medical Professionals on its achievement and recognized the efforts taken to provide quality ultrasound.

Lee Equity, Integrated Medical Professionals And The Urology Group Form Solaris Health

Transaction creates one of the nation’s largest independent urological services providers NEW YORK (June 16, 2020) Private equity firm Lee Equity Partners announced today that New York-based Integrated Medical Professionals (IMP) and Cincinnati-based The Urology Group (TUG) have partnered to form Solaris Health, a management services organization. This unprecedented combination creates one of the nation’s largest independent providers of urological and other specialty services. Terms have not been disclosed. Solaris Health has been established to support growth in IMP and TUG, two industry-leading practices with strong patient satisfaction scores, and to pursue additional partnerships. The partnership aligns the skills and talents of over 150 providers who have upwards of 525,000 patient encounters a year at more than 60 sites in New York, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The vision for Solaris Health is to build a national platform that attracts leading independent urological partners who are committed to providing quality and value in healthcare. Together, the physicians at Solaris Health can serve as an innovative disruptor in the field of urology at a scale which can transform urology care in America. Read the press release by using this link.

Virtual Medicine Soars as Pandemic Rages On

Healthcare systems and governments in the United States and much of world have had to take unprecedented emergency measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare providers have replaced office visits with telemedicine encounters and social distancing has become a key component to prevent person-to-person transmission. While discussing telemedicine visits with Renal & Urology News, Deepak A. Kapoor, MD said “Certainly, we can anticipate that for some patients there will be a great appetite to continue the [telemedicine] services,” Dr. Kapoor said. “Whether we can and will do so depends largely on behavioral changes in the patient population and guidance from regulatory bodies.” To read the entire interview, click on this link.

Urologists Join COVID-19 Pandemic Fight

Epidemiologists and disaster preparedness officials who have contemplated what could spark a public health crisis that overwhelms the nation’s healthcare system and causes widespread social disruption and economic upheaval now have at least one answer: a coronavirus that spreads easily and quickly and can cause severe respiratory distress and death. Urologists usually are not called upon to contain infectious disease epidemics, but the unprecedented events unfolding since January have prompted them to do their part to contain the spread of the virus. “For us, it is really about making sure that we’re able to safely keep our doors open and develop strategies to manage the surge [in COVID-19 patients] because the hospitals here are just simply overwhelmed,” Deepak A. Kapoor, MD, chairman and CEO of Integrated Medical Professionals, told Renal & Urology News. Dr. Kapoor said he has had conversations with administrators at different health systems regarding what his urology group can do to ease the burden on hospitals, such as sharing equipment, staff, and facility space. The mindset is to do “pretty much anything to help. It’s really all hands on deck here.” To read more about the ways that IMP and other urology practices are managing practices and assisting the hospitals, read the story by using this link.

LUGPA Focus on Telemedicine an Update on the CARES Act and Assistance for Physician Practices

April, 2020-

LUGPA on CARES Act and Assistance for Physician Practices During the COVID-19 Crisis

April, 2020-

Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield Reverses Course

May, 2019-

ESWL Reimbursement Slashed By 22%

May, 2019-

In NYC Subway, CyberKnife Prostate Cancer Ads Mislead

May, 2019-

Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield reverses decision to drop LI providers

May, 2019-

Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Exempt APMs From Stark Law Provisions

April, 2019-

Empire BlueCross BlueShield drops another provider from some plans

April, 2019-

NY Group Rethinks Physician Consolidation to Add Long-Term Value

April, 2019-

Health Insurers Now Cover Prostate Tests

February, 2019-

Organized urology has varied agenda for 2019

January, 2019-

Prostate Cancer Screening Law Gives Greater Access in 2019

January, 2019-

CMS Outpatient Rule Divides Opinion

December, 2018-

Letter: IMRT ownership study methodology unsound

December, 2018-

Histologic Changes in Prostate Cancer Detected Subsequent to the 2012 United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendation

November, 2018-

LUGPA backs CMS plan for site-neutral pay for services

November, 2018-

Congress Must Resist Hospitals’ Efforts Against Site-Neutral Payments

October, 2018-

New Treatment Options Reduce Fear of Advanced Prostate Cancer

September, 2018-

Gluten-Free Condoms Are Now Available, But Are They Really Necessary?

May, 2018-

Prostate Cancer Screening recommendations get rolled back by US Task Force

May, 2018-

Dr. Riccardo Ricciardi (AUCNY-Bayside) Designated a UroLift® Center of Excellence

April, 2018-

Bayside Urologist Dr. Riccardo Ricciardi Designated a UroLift® Center of Excellence

April, 2018-

Is PTAC on the Right Track? Some Say ‘No’
-Physician groups express frustration with HHS payment advisory committee

April, 2018-

Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign Viewed on NASDAQ Tower

April, 2018-

New urologist at Advanced Urology Centers New York’s (AUCNY) Rockland location

February, 2018-

How One Specialist’s Advanced Alternative Payment Model Can Serve as a Framework For Value-Based Cares

January, 2018-

Bill Would Lift Stark Barriers to APMs

January, 2018-

Proposed Bill Targets Prostate Cancer Misdiagnoses

January, 2018-

AUCNY Doctors Defend LUGPA APM

January, 2018-

John Rescigno, MD Joins Advanced Radiation Centers of New York in West Nyack

December, 2017-

ARC Docs Provide Cutting-Edge Radiation Treatment at Good Samaritan Hospital

December, 2017-

Dr. Alexander Epelbaum Appointed President of Medical Staff at St. Catherine of Siena

December, 2017-

A Bill to ‘Eliminate Prostate Cancer Misdiagnosis’

December, 2017-

Incentivizing the Lower-Cost Decision: LUGPA Believes It Knows How

November, 2017-

Advanced Urology Centers of New York Adds Two New Doctors

October, 2017-

Stay Vigilant About Prostate Cancer

September, 2017-

Deepak A. Kapoor, MD Provides Testimony on Importance of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September, 2017-

Learn About our Services in Our New ARC TV Spot

September, 2017-

Deepak A. Kapoor, MD Testifies to the House and Commerce Committee

August, 2017-

New Information About Prostate Cancer

June, 2017

Testosterone Therapy Offers Benefits and Risk

June, 2017

Sid Rosenberg Strongly Recommends ARC

January, 2017

Sid Rosenberg of WABC radio’s “Sid & Bernie” Show talks about AUCNY

January, 2017

Origins of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

January, 2017

LHRH Agonists and Antagonists in Prostate Cancer

January, 2017

Weighted Gleason Grade Group: A New Prostate Cancer Biopsy Reporting System with Prognostic Potential

December, 2016

Adapting to the New Value-Based Payment Models

December, 2016

Dr. Nicole Fleischmann Takes the Questions out of many Female Health Issues

November, 2016

Prostate Cancer Scare Makes Radio Show Host a True Believer

November, 2016

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