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Test Case: Despite Debate, PSA Testing for Prostate Cancer Can Be a Life-Saving Measure

When the USPSTF issued its recommendation against PSA testing, urologists nationwide, myself included, warned about the possible public health repercussions that could ensue, says Dr. Kapoor. Find out what the concern is all about. Click here.



PSA Screening Has Come a Long Way

Dr. Kapoor shared information about PSA screening advances on Katz’ Corner. Listen here.



Bring Back Prostate Screening

Prostate cancer screening is more individualized than a one size fits all approach. In a New York Times OpEd, Deepak A. Kapoor, MD speaks about improvements in prostate cancer screening technology which benefits all men. With the use of PSA derivatives in conjunction with other markers, doctors are able to get a clearer picture of who does and does not require further testing.

To read the PDF, click here.

For the online version, click here.

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