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Should Men get PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer?

“Let’s look at how far we’ve come with prostate cancer since the era of PSA screening. Right now, since the last 20 years, we have reduced the death rate from prostate cancer by 42%. Twenty years ago, the 10-year survival rate for prostate cancer was 55%. Now it approaches 99%. So clearly we are doing something right” says Dr. Deepak A. Kapoor. To read the interview and see his video, click here.



Dr. Kapoor Discusses the Inclusion of Radium-223 in AUA Guidelines for CRPC

At the American Urological Association’s Annual meeting, Dr. Deepak A. Kapoor discusses the inclusion of radium-223 in the AUA guideline for castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). Click here to see the video.
Dr. Michael A. Levine interviewed on “Project Independence and You” Radio Show



Dr. Michael A. Levine, AUCNY-Lake Success was interviewed by Evelyn Roth on the Town of Hempstead’s “Project Independence and You” radio show on WCWP – 88.1FM.

They spoke about the changing nature of medical practices and urological issues. Tune in!


Elsevier and the American Urological Association Launch New Journal: Urology Practice

Dr. Carl A. Olsson has been selected to be the Editor of the new journal being launched by the American Urological Association (AUA) called Urology Practice. To read more, click on the link, or download the PDF



AUCNY Urologists Selected to Participate in National Health Committees

Drs. Elliot Paul, Thomas Rechtschaffen and Marc Schumer of AUCNY have been selected to work on various committees of the American Urological Association (AUA). To read more, click on the link, or download the PDF.

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