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Prostate Cancer: The Silent Killer

Prostate cancer continues to be the most commonly diagnosed solid tumor in men-an estimated 221,000 men will be diagnosed this year. While in certain cases, prostate cancer is an indolent disease, it is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men; nearly 28,000 will lose their lives to the disease this year alone. Learn about this silent killer here.



Embarrassed By Leaks, Now There Are Solutions

Ladies, if you leak when you cough, laugh or exercise you’ll want to read Dr. Kapoor’s helpful tips in the November issue of Shape Magazine. Click on the PDF to learn about easy ways to combat this awkward issue.



Achieving ‘Value’ Will Be Make-Or-Break Proposition

Upcoming changes in reimbursement provide an opportunity for specialty practices such as urology. Dr. Kapoor talks about the importance of being a value provider of services in “Urology Times.” Read the article here.



Dr. Kapoor Has Candid Talk about Prostate Cancer with Geraldo Rivera

If you missed AUCNY’s radio spot followed by the live interview between Dr. Deepak A. Kapoor and Geraldo Rivera on WABC radio (770AM) on September 22nd, tune in here to listen to the ultra-candid conversation about advances in prostate cancer screening and treatment.



Prostate Cancer Test Proved to be a Lifesaver for Former Heavyweight Boxer

Former heavyweight boxer Renaldo “Mister” Snipes knows first-hand how important prostate cancer screening is in saves lives. Watch the interview conducted with Dr. Kapoor and Mr. Snipes that aired on Time Warner Cable News – NY 1 here.

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